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Emotional Robots’ Warm Gun Released for iOS with Multiplayer powered by GameSpy Technology

For anyone questioning the ability of small, independent studios to produce high-caliber video game entertainment, the crew at Emotional Robots has an answer: Warm Gun.

Set in a futuristic, dystopian version of the Wild West, this first person shooter for the iPhone and iPad delivers the sort of adrenalin-soaked, frenetic action that most gamers used to expect only from big budget PC and console games. More compelling, a team of six full-time (and 4 part-time) developers built the game over the past three-and-a-half years using the Unreal Development Kit, with multiplayer services obtained freely via GameSpy Technology’s “Open” Initiative (which puts the full suite of our online services – from multiplayer to player metrics & rankings to cloud storage – in the hands of start-up studios at no up-front cost).

You can view a trailer, loaded with gameplay footage, here:

Multiplayer works exactly in Warm Gun as you’d expect from any other shooter: dedicated servers host the game online, and players join by browsing through a server browser to locate the optimal host. Players can choose from any of four characters, each equipped with three weapons, and run ‘n’ gun their way through the game’s tried and true deathmatch game mode. New multiplayer modes, like Capture the Flag, Death Match, or Team Death Match, in addition to Warm Gun “exclusives” like “Showdown,” “Great Escape” and “Mad Cap” can be expected in future versions of the game, whether or iOS or elsewhere.

Warm Gun is available for purchase download now via Apple’s iTunes App Store. And, when you’re ready to follow in Emotional Robots’ footsteps, you can sign up for a free GameSpy Technology developer account and start coding your next online masterpiece right here.

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GameSpy Technology Bring NoSQL (and Free Beer) to MIGS

Join GameSpy Technology at the Montreal International Game Summit this November 1 & 2 for a one-two punch of deeply informative lectures and free beer guzzling.

Montreal International Game Summit

On Tuesday, November 1 at 2:45 p.m. in the “Verdun” Room at MIGS, GameSpy Technology Technical Director Mike Ruangutai will present a lecture on “Moving 25,000 Game-Stats Transactions per Second from SQL to NOSQL.” The talk will cover GameSpy’s explorations of NoSQL solutions like MongoDB as part of our efforts to build a heterogeneous database system to more efficiently manage the 8 billion+ API requests that our partner games generate every month.

In an era when players demand that every game tracks LOTS of stats – to power features like leaderboards and stats-rich user profiles, or just to fuel bragging rights – the task of tracking massive amounts of data has become both imperative and daunting. Mike’s talk will provide insight into GameSpy Technology’s effort to provide easy solutions for managing this data, enabling developers of every size to leverage big data to produce big fun for their games. You can find out more about the talk at the MIGS Web site.

Then, on Wednesday, November 3 at 7:00 p.m., following MIGS, we’ll all go drink beer. Join us at Peel Pub in Montreal for the next stop on our 2011 North American Developer Meet-Up tour! We’ll talk tech, answer questions about our offerings for independent game developers, and throw back a few cold ones. Mike will be on hand for follow-up questions about his talk. RSVP now to secure a spot, or find us at MIGS to get an invite in person.

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Dungeon Defenders Releases on PC, PS3, Xbox

The gang over at Trendy Entertainment has finally unleashed the long-anticipated “Second Wave” update for its wildly popular cross-platform RPG / tower defense game, Dungeon Defenders, bringing the game to PC and both PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The new version also makes use of GameSpy Technology’s multiplayer services to fold both PC and PS3 players into its co-op multiplayer community. Players on both platforms can now join players on iOS and Android devices in online games, ensuring that people new to the game have a massive, built-in community to play against.

Dungeon Defenders
, which Trendy initially released on iOS in December of 2010, has blazed trails from day 1. The first game to bring Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 to the Android platform, it also enabled players to join co-op multiplayer sessions across both iOS and Android platforms. Trendy always envisioned adding players on new platforms to the overall multiplayer mix as it released the game in new places. You can learn more about how Trendy approached the challenge of building cross-platform multiplayer into the game in our case study on the title, or by watching our panel discussion with Trendy at PAX Dev 2011 over at the GameSpy Technology YouTube channel.

The strategy has paid off handsomely for both the game and its community; since launching on its new platforms, the community has expanded dramatically in size, and the game has continued to win plaudits from publications like Destructoid (which scored the game a 9.5 / 10 in its recent review) to Joystiq, which commented that the game, “… gets damned near everything exactly right.”

Still curious? Check out the official Dungeon Defenders launch trailer below. The game is available for purchase now on PC (Direct2Drive, Steam), the PSN Store, Xbox Live, Apple’s iTunes App Store, and the Android Marketplace. PC players can also find a demo of the game now on FilePlanet.

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GameSpy Technology ATLAS Web Admin Panel Demo Screencast

Today sees the release of the GameSpy Technology screencast demonstrating the Web Admin panel for our ATLAS service. ATLAS comprises the bulk of our Player Metrics & Rankings service — the system that makes many of the compelling features work in the AAA-titles that incorporate GameSpy Technology clients. ATLAS enables games to track thousands of stats for millions of players, and games like Red Dead Redemption, Command & Conquer 3, and Section 8: Prejudice use ATLAS to:

  • Construct stats-rich user profiles both in-game and on the Web
  • Power limitless leaderboards
  • Facilitate stats-based unlocks to encourage repeat play
  • Provide anti-cheating measures to protect the value of stats and leaderboards

Developers set up ATLAS using a Web-based interface (the ATLAS Web Admin Panel), which allows them to assemble the working parts of a Ruleset without complicated scripts. ATLAS can also be customized to whatever levels of simplicity or complexity that Developers desire for their games.

We’ve created a screencast showing you the step-by-step process of setting up a Ruleset in the ATLAS Web Admin Panel so that you, too, can partake of the rich (dare we say meaty?) stats-buffet that Player Metrics & Rankings can serve up, and you can watch the video either on the GameSpy Technology Wiki or at our Official Youtube Channel. Sign up today for a free account at to start using ATLAS and GameSpy Technology’s other client services.

GameSpy Technology Console and MFC Test Application Screencasts

We here at GameSpy Technology have been working extra super hard lately to improve
the ease-of-use and accessibility of our services to all levels of game
developers. You’ll be thrilled, we’re sure, to note that we’re keeping that
ball rolling by releasing brand spankin’ new screencasts showing off not one,
or two, but four of our Console and MFC test applications. Check all of them out on our GameSpy Technology Wiki, or at the official GameSpy Technology youtube channel.

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