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Emotional Robots’ Warm Gun Released for iOS with Multiplayer powered by GameSpy Technology

For anyone questioning the ability of small, independent studios to produce high-caliber video game entertainment, the crew at Emotional Robots has an answer: Warm Gun.

Set in a futuristic, dystopian version of the Wild West, this first person shooter for the iPhone and iPad delivers the sort of adrenalin-soaked, frenetic action that most gamers used to expect only from big budget PC and console games. More compelling, a team of six full-time (and 4 part-time) developers built the game over the past three-and-a-half years using the Unreal Development Kit, with multiplayer services obtained freely via GameSpy Technology’s “Open” Initiative (which puts the full suite of our online services – from multiplayer to player metrics & rankings to cloud storage – in the hands of start-up studios at no up-front cost).

You can view a trailer, loaded with gameplay footage, here:

Multiplayer works exactly in Warm Gun as you’d expect from any other shooter: dedicated servers host the game online, and players join by browsing through a server browser to locate the optimal host. Players can choose from any of four characters, each equipped with three weapons, and run ‘n’ gun their way through the game’s tried and true deathmatch game mode. New multiplayer modes, like Capture the Flag, Death Match, or Team Death Match, in addition to Warm Gun “exclusives” like “Showdown,” “Great Escape” and “Mad Cap” can be expected in future versions of the game, whether or iOS or elsewhere.

Warm Gun is available for purchase download now via Apple’s iTunes App Store. And, when you’re ready to follow in Emotional Robots’ footsteps, you can sign up for a free GameSpy Technology developer account and start coding your next online masterpiece right here.

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