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InXile’s Choplifter HD Available Now

InXile Entertainment — the Newport Beach, Calif. based studio founded by former Interplay leader Brian Fargo — uses the tagline “Nostalgia just had a baby with Awesome” to describe its high octane remake of the classic helicopter rescue game Choplifter. Having played the game ourselves at PAX and elsewhere, we have to agree. Choplifter HD is available for download as of today on Sony’s PSN, Steam and Xbox Live, and comes with leaderboards powered by GameSpy Technology’s Player Metrics & Rankings services.

The studio gained access to our services via our “GameSpy Open” initiative, which aims to make all of GameSpy Technology’s services more accessible to independent studios by making them more affordable and easier to integrate. A hearty congrats to our friends and partners at InXile on getting the game airborne!

Choplifter HD represents a first of sorts for InXile. The studio originally built on its Interplay founders’ deep AAA development experience, digging into the heritage of classic RPGs to revive classics like The Bard’s Tale (the studio’s first release) and creating new, Unreal-Engine -powered dungeon crawlers like Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. The studio also has a line of more casual, digital only titles, like the modern classic Line Rider. Choplifter HD finds the studio breaking new ground, joining a growing swell of independent studios releasing high quality games at moderate price points exclusively via digital distribution channels like Sony’s PSN.

The bet seems to be paying off — has already rated the game a very solid 8/10, noting that its unique, ever-shifting style and challenges makes it, ” … an ace experience for bite-sized sessions and marathons alike.”

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