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New Unity SDK Release with Cloud File Server Support!

We’re pleased to announce that the GameSpy Technology Unity SDK now supports file storage for our Cloud Data Storage service (also known as Sake). You can use our flexible Cloud File Server to:

• Store screenshots: your players will be able to capture and store their in-game screenshots directly to the GameSpy Cloud File Server

• Upload videos: players can also record and upload videos without needing to capture and transcode footage (which you can see in action in our Street Fighter III: Third Strike video case study)

• Save and distribute player-generated content: extend game life and enhance player experience with downloadable maps, weapon packs, or missions that players create

Once players upload their content, you can access it both in-game and via a web-based API that lets you incorporate those screenshots, video, or almost anything else into your game’s website.

GameSpy’s Unity SDK is primed and ready to go, so get started today by signing up for a free account to start integrating our rich online services!

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