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New GameSpy C SDK Release, now with Android and PS Vita Support!

GameSpy Technology is dedicated to bringing players together, and that now includes C SDK support for Android and the PS Vita! Developers hungry for online tools will now find it even easier to integrate those GameSpy services into their games.

Our new C SDK release enables Android and PS Vita developers to:

  • More easily integrate GameSpy Technology services into their games, including Matchmaking, Cloud Storage, and Player Metrics & Rankings.
  • Obliterate the barriers between mobile devices, desktops, and consoles to provide cross-platform matchmaking
  • View common use cases and test projects for each platform to simplify processes like querying leaderboards and storing screenshots

Even if you’re not developing on Android and the PS Vita, you’ll find improved documentation and fully-commented samples with our new C SDK release, so why not get started today by signing up for a free account, downloading the SDK package, and even watching some of our screencasts so that you, too, can enrich your game with GameSpy Technology services?

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