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San Francisco – October 5, 2012 – GameSpy Industries today announced the end of its GameSpy Open Program, effective December 19, 2012. This Program was designed to broaden the field of game development by providing access to GameSpy’s award-winning services at low or no cost to small independent developers.

Q: Who is affected by this announcement?

A: Any developer that registered on the for the GameSpy Open Terms and Conditions or entered into a GameSpy Indie Agreement.

Q: Who is not affected by this announcement?

A: Developers or Publishers that have entered into a Developer Publisher Agreement or Master License Agreement with GameSpy and that are current on their support are not affected.

Q: What will happen December 19, 2012?

A: Your game’s GameSpy online services and access to the site will end on December 19, 2012.

Q: How will this affect players of your games?

A: As of December 19, 2012, the GameSpy functionality will no longer work within your game. To avoid confusion, we suggest that you alert your players to this change in service.

Q: Are there any options for GameSpy Open developers to keep using GameSpy’s Services?

A: Yes. Developers can discuss with GameSpy the possibility of entering into a Developer Publisher Agreement. Under this arrangement you will typically pay an upfront license fee due upon signing and additional license fees during the term of the agreement. Please contact to learn more. Media inquiries please contact

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