We’ve Got a Fever for online gamesand the only prescription is more cowbell

A little background about us

We started life back in the Internet dark ages in 1997, posting Quake server IPs on a web page. (Remember ][ronman?) We had the fever bad, going so far as to turn off sites like PlanetQuake to eke out a little more bandwidth for our Quake servers.

It wasn’t long before GameSpy 3D, sired by the venerable QuakeSpy, emerged and changed the face of online gaming. We thought to ourselves, “You know, this whole ‘matchmaking’ thing really ought to be inside the game.”

And thus, GameSpy Technology was born. Many years later our technology has powered more online games than anyone else in the industry and the breadth of our services has expanded far beyond the simple server browser. Today, in addition to matchmaking, we offer a robust suite of competition and community tools to help make your game that much more compelling.

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