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New GameSpy C SDK Release, now with Android and PS Vita Support!

GameSpy Technology is dedicated to bringing players together, and that now includes C SDK support for Android and the PS Vita! Developers hungry for online tools will now find it even easier to integrate those GameSpy services into their games.

Our new C SDK release enables Android and PS Vita developers to:

  • More easily integrate GameSpy Technology services into their games, including Matchmaking, Cloud Storage, and Player Metrics & Rankings.
  • Obliterate the barriers between mobile devices, desktops, and consoles to provide cross-platform matchmaking
  • View common use cases and test projects for each platform to simplify processes like querying leaderboards and storing screenshots

Even if you’re not developing on Android and the PS Vita, you’ll find improved documentation and fully-commented samples with our new C SDK release, so why not get started today by signing up for a free account, downloading the SDK package, and even watching some of our screencasts so that you, too, can enrich your game with GameSpy Technology services?

New Unity SDK Release with Cloud File Server Support!

We’re pleased to announce that the GameSpy Technology Unity SDK now supports file storage for our Cloud Data Storage service (also known as Sake). You can use our flexible Cloud File Server to:

• Store screenshots: your players will be able to capture and store their in-game screenshots directly to the GameSpy Cloud File Server

• Upload videos: players can also record and upload videos without needing to capture and transcode footage (which you can see in action in our Street Fighter III: Third Strike video case study)

• Save and distribute player-generated content: extend game life and enhance player experience with downloadable maps, weapon packs, or missions that players create

Once players upload their content, you can access it both in-game and via a web-based API that lets you incorporate those screenshots, video, or almost anything else into your game’s website.

GameSpy’s Unity SDK is primed and ready to go, so get started today by signing up for a free account to start integrating our rich online services!

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InXile’s Choplifter HD Available Now

InXile Entertainment — the Newport Beach, Calif. based studio founded by former Interplay leader Brian Fargo — uses the tagline “Nostalgia just had a baby with Awesome” to describe its high octane remake of the classic helicopter rescue game Choplifter. Having played the game ourselves at PAX and elsewhere, we have to agree. Choplifter HD is available for download as of today on Sony’s PSN, Steam and Xbox Live, and comes with leaderboards powered by GameSpy Technology’s Player Metrics & Rankings services.

The studio gained access to our services via our “GameSpy Open” initiative, which aims to make all of GameSpy Technology’s services more accessible to independent studios by making them more affordable and easier to integrate. A hearty congrats to our friends and partners at InXile on getting the game airborne!

Choplifter HD represents a first of sorts for InXile. The studio originally built on its Interplay founders’ deep AAA development experience, digging into the heritage of classic RPGs to revive classics like The Bard’s Tale (the studio’s first release) and creating new, Unreal-Engine -powered dungeon crawlers like Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. The studio also has a line of more casual, digital only titles, like the modern classic Line Rider. Choplifter HD finds the studio breaking new ground, joining a growing swell of independent studios releasing high quality games at moderate price points exclusively via digital distribution channels like Sony’s PSN.

The bet seems to be paying off — has already rated the game a very solid 8/10, noting that its unique, ever-shifting style and challenges makes it, ” … an ace experience for bite-sized sessions and marathons alike.”

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GameSpy Technology Sake Web Admin Panel Demo Screencast

The Sake Web Admin Panel Demonstration — the next video in our GameSpy Technology Tools Screencast series — is now available to view at our official Youtube channel. Sake, our Cloud-Data Storage Service, is more than a simple database and provides incredibly flexible data storage and retrieval. AAA-title games like Civiliation V (with its ModBuddy feature), Mario Kart Wii (Ghost Races are made possible via Sake), and Red Dead Redemption (which uses Sake to facilitate the game-to-web connectivity for the Rockstar Social Club) use Sake to:

• Store player-specific data like profiles, game saves, and screenshots
• Retrieve User-generated content like custom mods and levels and player icons
• Provide storage and out-of-game retrieval for ATLAS-generated statistics used in leaderboards, Web-based profiles, and mobile apps
• Allow developers to both manually and automatically moderate user-generated content through criteria set up in an easy-to-use Web interface

Sake is a two-part system — the traditional client that integrates directly into your game and the Sake Web Admin Panel, a Web-based administrative tool that lets you manage your Sake schema (the structure of tables and fields that Sake uses to manage information) on the Web without having to deal with the fuss of backend databases. The Sake Web Admin Panel Demonstration will walk you through creating Sake schema, tables, and fields, so that your players can both enrich your game and be enriched by your game’s use of the Sake service.

Watch the Sake Web Admin Panel Demonstration at either the GameSpy Technology Wiki or at our official Youtube channel, then sign up for a free account today at to get started with the Sake Cloud-Data Storage Service.

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GameSpy Technology Bring NoSQL (and Free Beer) to MIGS

Join GameSpy Technology at the Montreal International Game Summit this November 1 & 2 for a one-two punch of deeply informative lectures and free beer guzzling.

Montreal International Game Summit

On Tuesday, November 1 at 2:45 p.m. in the “Verdun” Room at MIGS, GameSpy Technology Technical Director Mike Ruangutai will present a lecture on “Moving 25,000 Game-Stats Transactions per Second from SQL to NOSQL.” The talk will cover GameSpy’s explorations of NoSQL solutions like MongoDB as part of our efforts to build a heterogeneous database system to more efficiently manage the 8 billion+ API requests that our partner games generate every month.

In an era when players demand that every game tracks LOTS of stats – to power features like leaderboards and stats-rich user profiles, or just to fuel bragging rights – the task of tracking massive amounts of data has become both imperative and daunting. Mike’s talk will provide insight into GameSpy Technology’s effort to provide easy solutions for managing this data, enabling developers of every size to leverage big data to produce big fun for their games. You can find out more about the talk at the MIGS Web site.

Then, on Wednesday, November 3 at 7:00 p.m., following MIGS, we’ll all go drink beer. Join us at Peel Pub in Montreal for the next stop on our 2011 North American Developer Meet-Up tour! We’ll talk tech, answer questions about our offerings for independent game developers, and throw back a few cold ones. Mike will be on hand for follow-up questions about his talk. RSVP now to secure a spot, or find us at MIGS to get an invite in person.

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