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New GameSpy Standalone C# SDK Release

Are you tired of managing your own memory?

Are you developing using the XNA Framework?

Then we’ve got some great news for you: we’ve released a standalone C# SDK for you Dot Net gurus who aren’t developing with Unity.  If you’re ready to get started (and we sure are), sign up today for a free account and check out the new standalone C# SDK!

You can find the C# SDK hiding within the @CSharp directory of the C SDK package, available here.

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New Unity SDK Release with Cloud File Server Support!

We’re pleased to announce that the GameSpy Technology Unity SDK now supports file storage for our Cloud Data Storage service (also known as Sake). You can use our flexible Cloud File Server to:

• Store screenshots: your players will be able to capture and store their in-game screenshots directly to the GameSpy Cloud File Server

• Upload videos: players can also record and upload videos without needing to capture and transcode footage (which you can see in action in our Street Fighter III: Third Strike video case study)

• Save and distribute player-generated content: extend game life and enhance player experience with downloadable maps, weapon packs, or missions that players create

Once players upload their content, you can access it both in-game and via a web-based API that lets you incorporate those screenshots, video, or almost anything else into your game’s website.

GameSpy’s Unity SDK is primed and ready to go, so get started today by signing up for a free account to start integrating our rich online services!

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GameSpy Technology Launches All-New C# Unity SDKs for GDC

As part of our excitement to provide the universe’s greatest game services to everyone from AAA to indie and mobile game developers, GameSpy Technology is proud to announce the launch today of our all-new native C# SDKs. These new SDKs have been designed from the ground-up in C# (and in conjunction with a major mobile developer) so you can leverage Unity’s seamless cross-platform and mobile support without missing a beat (or taking a beating).

Sign-up now to get started with GameSpy’s rich, battle-tested cloud storage, player stats, matchmaking, and authentication services already powering more than 1000 games — now for your Unity iOS, Unity Android, Unity Windows, and Unity Mac OS games!

But we weren’t content just making this flexible toolkit available for Unity and mobile developers, so we’ve also produced a load of documentation, tutorials, and even a screencast to turbocharge your ramp-up on these technologies, so you can get them into your games as easily as possible. (Or come talk to us and get live demos of all our new Unity technology Wednesday, March 7 – Friday, March 9 at the GameSpy Technology pavillion, Booth 1624, North Hall.)

If you haven’t registered with us yet (and if not, why haven’t you?), sign-up today to get started with these new services for free. Or, if you’re a registered GameSpy Technology veteran ready to start coding today, simply sign-in to download the new SDK. Finally, if you want to learn more:

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Emotional Robots’ Warm Gun Gets Massive Update, Accolades

Independent start-up studio Emotional Robots recently released a major update to its GameSpy Technology-powered multiplayer iOS shooter, Warm Gun, that added new content, fixed myriad bugs in the game, and just generally improved the title’s performance for all players. The cherry on the update sundae? The developer also put the game on sale in the AppStore for just $1.99 until the end of February. Go grab it!

And when we say Warm Gun received a “major” update this month, we mean it. Included among the patch’s many refinements:

  • Increased performance across all devices by roughly 40%
  • Improved control schemes, AI, UI, registering/logging process for smoother online gameplay
  • Improved server browsing
  • Answering huge demand from users, added kill/death ratio in multiplayer status
  • Added all-new map, Coldshot
  • Improved stability, streamlined interface, resolved random crashes

Emotional Robots has also released a few screenshots of the new Coldshot DLC via its space on IndieDB:

Response to the update has been overwhelmingly positive. noted that the game, “certainly stands out among the glut of FPS titles, thanks to its steampunk Wild West aesthetic,” while 148Apps commented that, “now looks to be as good a time as any to holster up and take a step into the past … or is it the future?” According to Emotional Robots, the update also had a substantial impact on user reviews, with the game’s average score climbing 1 1/2 stars — from a solid 3 to a stellar 4.5 — in just the span of a couple of weeks.

As we mentioned in an October blog post celebrating the game’s launch, Warm Gun gained access to GameSpy Technology’s online services via our Open initiative, which aims to make all of our technology more accessible for independent and mobile game developers. Emotional Robots — just like over 1200 other developers (and counting) — simply signed up for a free account via the GameSpy Technology website, downloaded our SDKs, and obtained support during development via our online forums and wiki-based documentation.

GameSpy Technology Powers Glu’s Gun Bros with Online Services on Android

This past week, mobile game publisher / developer Glu Mobile released an update for its mega-popular Unity engine action title, Gun Bros, on Android that includes heavily demanded multiplayer and other online services powered by GameSpy Technology.

Gun Bros

Gun Bros. players can now enjoy a wide range of online features — from multiplayer co-op matchmaking to friend lists — that will add hours of fun to the game … at no additional cost! The game is available for download now for FREE from the Android Marketplace.

Glu offers a quick taste of what that online action looks like in this video on its official YouTube channel:

With this release, Gun Bros. becomes the first game to ship using GameSpy Technology’s newly minted services for Unity on Android — which are now available to all developers at no up front cost as part of our ongoing efforts to support mobile and independent developers. All Unity developers targeting Android can now take advantage of GameSpy’s Multiplayer Matchmaking, Data Storage, and Player Metrics & Rankings services to build compelling online features into their games via our Unity C# Connector.

Ready to create the next hit Android action game? Sign up now for a free account to access complete source code, Unity-compatible C# libraries, documentation and online support for all GameSpy Technology services.

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