Learn About OurCommunity Features

GameSpy Technology provides a range of services to help you turn an audience of disparate players into a powerful, tight-knit, self-sustaining community. Enable proven communication features – like buddy lists and presence – or take group-based gaming to the next level by providing your users with ways to organize and track play for persistent teams.

  • Friends: A friends list is the basis for everything from inviting a comrade to join – or following them into a game, to filtering leaderboards so only your friends’ high scores are shown. Use GameSpy’s friend system to help your players find and stay connected with their buddies and competitors.
  • Presence: Establish a player’s online identity and presence within your game with GameSpy’s presence system. See when friends come online or disconnect – Know what they are playing, what level or map they’re on, even what their score is.
  • Messaging: Communicate with friends instantly with GameSpy’s messaging system – including support for offline messaging (which other messaging systems don’t do!).

Our Multiplayer Matchmaking is second to none. Incredibly fast, flexible, and reliable.

Store cross-platform game saves, screenshots, video replays, playable user generated content or anything else you want your players to have access to wherever they are.

Build simple leaderboards, friends leaderboards, tournament ladders or record every move your players make. Our incredibly versatile player stats system lets you track it all.

With friends lists, messaging and presence features, GameSpy’s got you covered for growing and managing your community.