Learn About OurMatchmaking Features

GameSpy Technology gives you the most industry-tested tools for creating engaging multiplayer experiences for your players. Fast, reliable, location- and ping-aware matchmaking enables your game to automatically find the best matches for your players anywhere in the world or allows you to provide rich server-browsing features to give your players the freedom to choose the matches they want.

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  • Matchmake via chat room lobbies, server browsers, buddy lists, or automatch
  • Authenticate players (or don’t) using your own account system or via GameSpy Ids
  • Leverage powerful built-in matchmaking keys such as autodetected public and private IP address, autodetected NAT-type, autodetected country code, game type, map name, game mode, number of players, and max players — or define your own (skill-brackets, anyone?)
  • Enable your game or players to selectively search for or filter matches to always find the best matches
  • Jump-start your game’s social features by allowing players to send buddy requests (or block) one another, know when their friends sign-on, check online statuses, or send one another messages and game invites
  • Seamlessly support cooperative or competitive gameplay and dedicated server or peer-to-peer game models

Our Multiplayer Matchmaking is second to none. Incredibly fast, flexible, and reliable.

Store cross-platform game saves, screenshots, video replays, playable user generated content or anything else you want your players to have access to wherever they are.

Build simple leaderboards, friends leaderboards, tournament ladders or record every move your players make. Our incredibly versatile player stats system lets you track it all.

With friends lists, messaging and presence features, GameSpy’s got you covered for growing and managing your community.