Learn About OurPlayer Metrics, Rankings and Competition Features

To successfully compete against the flood of titles hitting digital marketplaces every day, you need to invest in maximizing your game’s stickiness. GameSpy Technology’s Community features are one great way to increase stickiness, but our Player Metrics features can also help save your game from an early death or the bargain bin.

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And our Player Metrics system (ATLAS) is the scalable, industry-proven, web-configurable service that helps you track player-behavior to whatever level of detail you need. ATLAS helps you unlock the potential of your game in two distinct ways:

  • Feed your players an all-they-can-eat buffet of the in-game and community site data they crave, such as leaderboards for every game value they will ever care about (including ATLAS-derived stats), friend-based leaderboards, individual and team-based Elo rankings, arbitration-based accuracy, and game-unlocks — all accessible either in-game through our portable SDKs or at your website via ATLAS’s web service layer.
  • While you simultaneously feed your designers and creatives all the player telemetry they need to hone your game into that irresistible experience you know it can be. Imagine the power of having access to data that lets you answer questions like:

    • On what level do most players quit?
    • Where do players die (and why)?
    • What’s the most/least popular section of my game?
    • Which in-game DLC ad is most clicked? Least?

Your game already has enough to keep track of and calculate; maybe it’s time you let ATLAS do some of the heavy lifting.

Our Multiplayer Matchmaking is second to none. Incredibly fast, flexible, and reliable.

Store cross-platform game saves, screenshots, video replays, playable user generated content or anything else you want your players to have access to wherever they are.

Build simple leaderboards, friends leaderboards, tournament ladders or record every move your players make. Our incredibly versatile player stats system lets you track it all.

With friends lists, messaging and presence features, GameSpy’s got you covered for growing and managing your community.