We work on EVERY gaming platform: handheld, console, desktop

GameSpy makes it easy to develop once and deploy everywhere. Our services use a common API across all platforms, enabling you to maintain online feature parity across every supported platform and flattening the learning curve on future development.

Platform Features

If you’re interested in using GameSpy Technology services for PS3, PS Vita, Wii, DS, or DSi, contact your account manager via this page.

Windows MacOS Android iOS

  • Lobby-based
  • Automatch
Cloud Storage

  • Player Stats
  • Profile Data
  • Game Metrics
Cloud File Storage

  • Screenshots
  • Save Files
  • Videos
  • Player-Generated Content
Player Metrics

  • Player Stats
  • Leaderboards
  • Game Telemetry
Community Features

  • Buddy Lists
  • Instant Messaging