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Crysis 2: DLC Sales, Redeem Codes and More with GameSpy Direct2Game

On Tuesday, May 17, Crytek released the first wave of downloadable content for the massively successful Crysis 2, the latest installment in the studio’s boundary-pushing Crysis first-person shooter franchise.

Releasing DLC is not, in and of itself, all that novel. But Crytek is innovating in a very important way: it’s partnered with GameSpy Technology to sell DLC directly to players via an in-game store and the official MyCrysis Web site.

Crysis 2 - In-Game Store

Crysis 2: in-game store powered by GameSpy Direct2Game

Using GameSpy’s Direct2Game digital commerce services and APIs, Crytek has “leveled up” its efforts to sell digital content on the PC, enabling the developer to control at every level how that content gets sold. It can merchandise however it sees fit, offering specials, sales, free redeemables, exclusives, and bundles at its discretion, all without worrying about its products competing against other studios’ or publishers’ content for player attention. Best of all, Crytek can sell directly to its players from within the game or via the official MyCrysis Web site, making it dead simple for players to discover, purchase, download and play the content that Crytek makes available.

MyCrysis Web store

GameSpy Direct2Game also powers DLC sales via the MyCrysis Web store

All of this leverages GameSpy Technology’s services-based commerce platform, which provides end-to-end support for account management, billing, taxation, fulfillment, and customer support behind the scenes. This leaves Crytek free to do what it does best – make and sell great online games – and frees it from the hassles normally associated with third party digital marketplaces.

Ready to take control over your digital content destiny? Sign up for a free GameSpy Technology account today to get started immediately.

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Nano Nano: GameSpy Technology Powers Crysis 2

GameSpy Technology proudly congratulates our partners at Crytek and EA on the massively successful launch of Crysis 2. We’re proud to be a part of the game’s online offerings, contributing our multiplayer, community and commerce services to power the game’s PC version.

This latest entry in the acclaimed Crysis franchise hit North American stores and digital retail outlets on Tuesday, March 25 – and the response from players and critics alike has already been rapturous. You can see for yourself in IGN’s video review of the game:

Crysis 2 makes significant use of GameSpy Technology’s services to power its online featureset. Our Multiplayer & Community services enable players to create accounts, build in-game buddy lists and find dedicated servers to join so that they can play online in the game’s many multiplayer game modes. Our Cloud Data Storage services enable Crysis 2 to store and retrieve player stats and leaderboard data generated by Crytek’s homegrown statistics tracking system (a testament to our Cloud’s flexibility, in that it also works with our own Player Metrics & Rankings services for developers who do not have their own solution on hand).

Most significantly, the game services as a showcase of GameSpy Technology’s Digital Commerce services. At launch, the game utilizes our CD Key and redeem code systems to protect the game from piracy and to provide players unlocks for pre-order or bonus perks. In the weeks to come, the game will also use GameSpy Direct2Game to power sales of downloadable content (map packs and more) and full versions of Crytek games, both in-game and on Crytek’s Web site.

We’re thrilled to have partnered with Crytek on this benchmark-setting title. Looking to power your game with amazing multiplayer, community-building, data, or commerce services? Contact us to find out how – or apply now for FREE access to our complete suite of online game developer tools.

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